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Category Archives: Vivisection

Grand Forks Daily, November 28, 1909. Okay, every robber baron has a certain percentage of Mr. Burns in his genomic profile, but OMFG! How many others could boast a canine torture chamber on their rural estates? Read More »

cow vampireSpringfield Republican , November 17, 1895. Said to labor under the hallucination that he is a vampire?! The first time I read that, I thought, ‘Who the hell has the nerve to question this guy’s monster credentials?’ But it’s true that he lacks the suavity of your classic, card-carrying 19th-century vampire type. Diet and behavior-wise, he could almost be a chupacabra foraging outside of its regular habitat, but those are reputed to be ugly suckers that wouldn’t long pass for human even in South Dakota.
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moreauNew York Times, December 9, 1890. One leg shorter than the other? Bitter failure indeed. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Read More »