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Category Archives: Sororicide

New York Times, June 16, 1858. Demented French brothers clad only in straw belts, dropping by in the wee small hours and claiming to have killed their sister: That does set the stage, doesn’t it? It would make a great cold open for an episode of Law & Order: Antebellum Michigan, “ripped from yesterday’s headlines.” Read more.


Detroit News, March 27, 1931. The rest of the clipping is too blurry to post, but reads: “The victim was Naomi Huddleton. India Huddleton, 31, one of the brothers, was under arrest charged with the slaying, and the other, Anderson Huddleton, 33, was being sought.”

Some social scientist once said that “we’re all just nine meals away from murder,” but I wonder if these hillbilly boys didn’t have a lower threshold.