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Category Archives: Self-immolation

flamer Ballou’s Dollar Monthly, March 16, 1862. Sacre bleu! We could be looking here at the historical origins of that beloved special effects staple, The Flaming Guy.flaming guy Irwin Allen wouldn’t even be born for another half century.

nitroNew York Tribune, November 9, 1903. Blowed up real good.

Detroit News, May 16, 1931. We are to believe that this woman killed herself by fire rather than sleep on a holding-cell bench? Yikes. But it could be. One of things that freaks me out about this tabloid world is the extent to which people at the time were capable of all these really extreme physical acts. Lately we’ve been focusing on the whole acid-throwing thing, but sooner or later I’ll be unleashing my ax murder stories, and my suicide-by-strait-razor stories.