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Category Archives: Restraint of Trade

snatchingChicago Tribune, June 23, 1878. Could be this interview is vaguely on the level, could be it’s a total put-on. It’s worth noting that “cunny” was then a well-known term for ye nether lady-parts of the fairer sex at a time when the general vocabulary lacked polite equivalents. It’s a noun now generally forgotten except by attentive followers of HBO’s Deadwood. Anyway, the ensuing description of the mechanics of body-snatching has an impressive verisimilitude. Read More »

2 cratesLos Angeles Times, November 7, 1901. Weird stuff tends to happen once you assign a cash value to dead people. And this is far from the worst of it. Read More »

6 4 94Chicago Tribune, June 4, 1894. Political battles over tobacco additives have a longer and weirder history than you might guess. Read More »

Detroit News, May 21, 1931. The hard life of a freelance clothesline-installer. You have to wonder what the skill set was for that job. Good at climbing? Good aim with a crossbow?

Detroit News, March 31, 1931. Well here’s some shortsighted law-and-order bullshit. ‘Cause that’s one production of Scarface we’d have loved to have seen. Besides, any time Capone spent on a Hollywood sound stage would have been time away from his despotic misrule of Chicago.