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Category Archives: Politics

hylan moronsNew York Tribune, October 11, 1921. Couched in the eloquent language of eugenics, this is a swipe at the political record of New York mayor John Francis Hylan. “Father Knickerbocker,” down in the left-hand corner, represents good government on the run.

wmbNew York Times, February 15, 1899. Here’s some evergreen political doggerel for all you protest cats. Read More »

palmerABack in the day, of course, it made perfect sense for black people to be Republicans. And there was never any love lost between Afro- and Irish-Americans, even before questions of party affiliation.

Interesting that grand hotels were used as party headquarters.

hatAIt’s a high price to pay for snatching someone’s hat, but that’s about how I feel about practical jokers too.

Could this reporter be much more cynical about the police?