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Category Archives: Poison pen letters

may 27 1914 coke penWashington Post, May 27, 1914. Here’s another high-society rhubarb triggered by anonymous correspondence. Read More »

movie censor 12 15 1913New York Times, December 15, 1913. One doesn’t hear much about “poison pen letters” anymore, but I suppose that’s part and parcel of the general decline of letter-writing culture. (Damn you, Internet, enemy of all that is refined and genteel!) Anyway, this case is typical in that the writing of anonymous defamatory letters was disproportionately a feminine vice as well as an upper-crust one. We no longer have “well-known motion-picture censors” either, despite the best efforts of documentarian Kirby Dick. I wonder what Miss Kate Davis would have made of those two classics of poison-pen cinema, Georges Clouzot’s Le corbeau and Joseph L. Manckiewicz’s A Letter to Three Wives. Netflix ’em today! More socially prominent douchebaggery after the jump. Read More »

vexerChicago Tribune, March 21, 1909. In the age before cyber-stalking, creative crazy people could still get a lot done by going postal. Read More »