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Category Archives: Patricide

Omaha Morning World Herald, September 7, 1895. Sounds like lonely sport.

New York Times, May 20, 1908. I don’t recall Yahweh signaling His opposition to May-December matches in Scripture, but in this instance He ostensibly sided with George Sterry Jr. against Sterry Sr.’s desire to take a second, younger bride. Read More »

Ths Brattleboro, Vermont, Reporter, June 14, 1806. Hoo boy, heref a meffed-up ftory about a terrfically unhappy family. Bafically a confpiracy of children to kill their drunken, violent old man before he killed again. Gotta feel forry for the kidf, though my guess is the teenage murdereff probabaly fwung for thif. Read More »

AC 10 14 99 Atlanta Constitution, October 14, 1899. An inoffensive negro you say? Oh, the humanity!
Read More »

dadburnedChicago Tribune, March 7, 1931. I wonder how she managed to get ’em both while they were asleep? I should think it’d be hard for the second victim to sleep through the sound of the first attack. Anyway, as the following item (New York Tribune, April 29, 1892) establishes, acid-throwing could serve pro- as well as anti-patriarchal purposes.father-daughter