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Category Archives: Misogyny

hagAChicago Tribune, October 30, 1871. This is rather an ungenerous little bit of reportage on several counts. Imagine that you’re just out of the city lockup, your ex-boyfriend shoots your current beau in front of you, and then the newspaper blames for you and all your sex for it, and then calls you “an old Bridewell hag” in the bargain. All told, a pretty rough week for poor Rose Clark.

lureAChicago Tribune, January 18, 1921. Well, this scenario isn’t exactly as described in Mr. Kipling’s famous poem “The Vampire,” but the basic message is the same: Men are boobs, see? Read More »

stage vampireAstage vampire2Chicago Tribune, November 14, 1909. Actress Katherine Kaelred (left) kaelredstarred in the Broadway version of the hit play A Fool There Was, based on  Rudyard Kipling’s  famously anti-uxorious poem Bitches Ain’t Shit of the same name. But in the Hollywood film version, the role of The Vamp went (as previously noted) to Theda Bara (right).bara1 More of Kaelred’s musings on the state of domestic vampirism after the jump. Read More »

billyburgAAAChicago Tribune, February 9, 1871. When and why did Williamsburgh lose its terminal “h”? Shouldn’t some hipster conservationists be battling for its restoration? Anyway, it’s awesome to contemplate all of those Gilded Age harness bulls dragging up to catch a vampire. Read More »