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Category Archives: Maternal impression

Denison Daily News, February 3, 1878. Strange and affecting enough, I suppose, in the era of baby farming. The long beard is a nice touch, but how long is long? Longer than three feet?
As an instance of maternal impression, this is oddly nebulous, lacking the Just So Stories exactitude one is conditioned to expect. There needs to be a better morphological link between the fire and the condition of the child. Speaking of maternal impression, I haven’t until now created a tag or formal thread for that interesting theme, and must now correct this oversight.

matimpAmerican Phrenological Journal, June 1865. Yes, even the American Phrenological Journal occasionally got things wrong.

mat impMedical & Surgical Reporter, October 9, 1869. Pre-natal care has changed a fair bit over the years.

Spoon RiverDaily Austin Republican, November 25, 1858. There must be an archaic technical term or two for this marvelous effect, whereby a pregnant woman who is traumatized by X gives birth to Y. Anybody out there know the jargon? Meanwhile, you’re doubtless wondering how this kid managed to get along without a head. Well, it’s really quite simple. . . Read More »

half humanDaily Inter-Ocean, January 24, 1880. The woods were thick with these half-human hybrids back in the day, as we’ll see. Read More »