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Category Archives: Lye-throwing

blindNew York Times, September 12, 1925. This was too early for his favorite radio show to have been NBC’s The Court of Human Relations.

ADW aug 13 34Atlanta Daily World, August 13, 1934. I’m not sure how these slayings add up to a poignant demonstration of the evils of common-law marriage. All of these couples could have parted ways without a divorce. Neither does this seem like a particularly “weird” assortment of murder weapons. I mean, what are you supposed to use to kill your non-husband? Read More »

12 18 1896 lyeLos Angeles Times, December 18, 1896. A bad day for all parties concerned. I marvel at the confidence with which a lynching is predicted. Are the police being summoned to make sure the necktie party proceeds in a peaceful and orderly fashion?