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Category Archives: Incest

SingularNew York Tribune, January 18, 1857. Boy, they just don’t publish blind items like this anymore. The third paragraph seems to proceed from the premise that women cannot be impregnated in their sleep. But if Sis was asleep at the time of her incestuous ruination, how did her cries arouse her mother and other in-mates of the house? It’s a puzzler, no doubt.

conditionWashington Post, February 16, 1880. “In an interesting condition” is yet another journalistic euphemism for “pregnant.”

really bad dadChicago Tribune, November 5, 1872. Here’s a serious study in paternal depravity. The religious angle is sort of horrifically fascinating: Corkery, a Catholic, seems to have been telling his daughter that it was okay to bear false witness in a secular court. Teach your children well, Mr. Corkery. It gets worse, much worse. Read More »

incest lynch may 9 1901 Atlanta Constitution, May 9, 1901. The “illegal operation” is, of course, an abortion.

incest 11 14 1873Chicago Tribune, November 14, 1873. The justice system did not trifle with incestuous fathers back in the day. Neither did the press.