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Category Archives: Filicide

a human frog 1Macon Weekly Telegraph, June 6, 1886. They ain’t kidding. This story is like a collaboration among Zora Neale Hurston, Erskine Caldwell and Edgar Allan Poe. Read More »

dadburnedChicago Tribune, March 7, 1931. I wonder how she managed to get ’em both while they were asleep? I should think it’d be hard for the second victim to sleep through the sound of the first attack. Anyway, as the following item (New York Tribune, April 29, 1892) establishes, acid-throwing could serve pro- as well as anti-patriarchal purposes.father-daughter

ax-3-27-21Detroit News, March 27, 1931. Why does a stockbroker in Hawaii even own an ax? I can’t imagine he was splitting a whole lot of firewood. Plus he apparently had access to a perfectly good gun.