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Dallas Morning News, February 1, 1886. Said Frenchmen would in fact have been Quebecois rather than F.O.B. cheese-eaters. Now, your Quebecois gene pool is (no aspersions intended) a tight and tidy affair, which raises the possibility that the behavioral oddities manifested by these Gallic lumberjacks stemmed from some kinda mutation. But I’m more inclined to think that this was a culture-bound syndrome like latah, piblokto, bulimia or Republicanism. In any case, I cannot imagine a sorrier fate than being “completely at the mercy of practical jokers.”
Man alive, there were some serious douchebags in those Victorian lumber camps.
Strikes me that this refusal to employ Jumping Frenchmen is not just rank discrimination but shortsighted too: A more enlightened human resource policy would be to hire only Leaping Frenchmen, who en masse could be readily shaped into one seriously disciplined workforce, ostie tabernac!


  1. Apparently the Jumping Frenchmen also have a Wikipedia page dedicated to them.

    • Didn’t they also record a couple of killer singles for Factory around 1987?

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