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Chicago Tribune, January 1, 1908. I assume these are national statistics, not municipal. I must do some research into the matter of electric swings and scenic railroads. It was tough luck for that lone victim of the discus.


  1. Hey, I’m going to go find out what happened on 17 June in Boston. I’ll let you know.

  2. It was just Bunker Hill Day. No massacre, no firework factory explosion, no circus fire, not even a Great Molasses Flood. Just a bunch of drunken yahoos celebrating the Battle of Bunker Hill. I feel robbed, somehow.

  3. Yeah, but we’ve got to get Bunker Hill Day back on the drunken yahoo calendar, no? A publicity initiative is needed.

  4. It seems to have been a highly regional holiday from the beginning: Suffolk County and the city of Charlestown in Middlesex County. According to a contemporary JAMA, 300 people in Boston were injured by fireworks and toy pistols on the holiday in 1904.

    Lately it’s been a Tea Party rallying point–state workers in MA get the day off, which is clearly obscene government waste.

    So if we revive it, I vote for distribution of state-funded toy pistols and cannons to Tea Party members, and a revival of good old-fashioned celebration.

    (I’m not going to try to find out what Evacuation Day is . . . I like not knowing much more than I could ever enjoy the information.)

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