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New York Herald May 5, 1891. Do kids still play this game? I remember it as a pretty common part of the pre-adolescent repertoire of pranks. It had a whole bunch of different names, the only one of which now comes to mind was something like “Knock on the door ginger,” which is remarkably uncatchy. The standard praxis was to hit the same house multiple times. I can’t recall ever having been so victimized since I became the proprietor of my own door and bell.


  1. “Knock knock ginger ” and “Knock on ginger ” make about as much sense but they scan much better. Maybe you need to boost your eccentric profile around the neighbourhood to attract some japery.

    • it’s a jape i could do without. remember that kid i found sniffing on my living room sofa on Westminister. I couldn’t get him to leave. Different times.

  2. jack the sniffer

  3. Depravo: I don’t recall that incident. Regale us.

  4. mid afternoon i awoke to the fetid stench of glue floating through the air
    of my apartment. I didn’t know what to make of it so i just lay low for a while feeling smelly and dark. i heard something that led me to believe I was not alone. Upon arriving in the living room I noticed a scruffy little native kid about 12 years of age huffing glue from a bag he held in his hand, oblivious to my presence or his surroundings or to my unceremonious request that he leave immediately. Jack was pretty far gone. His only response was to look through me with an unfocused gaze, breathing deep and irregular through the dirty plastic bag filled with airplane glue. He wouldn’t leave. i was invisible to him, his only sign of life was the undulance of the paper bag huffing and puffing inward and out. i physically picked up and escorted him low profile to the front door(which i had forgotten to lock the night before.) he stood in the hallway looking neglected and confused and still right through me. Once i was able to close the door i decided to raid the fridge, and have a hot bayj

  5. and have a hot bath

    • Yeah. I’d have gone straight to the bath.

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