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Daily Picayune, March 9, 1891. Here’s one of those heretofore respectable lady shoplifters I was talking about. Well, she’s not really so much a shoplifter as a credit-scamming identity thief. The point is, she’s got sticky fingers and needs an explanation for same. Give her points for originality: Svengali made her do it.


  1. “By a glance and a word” he could put her completely under his power, and all he wanted was some twilled silesia and a skein of buttonhole twist to match some silk he had at home? I’m thinking he needed to meet the Great Om, and find out how this whole animal magnetism deal could work.

    • Whole thing may have been a terrible test of her patience and not a little humiliating after a while. Here she’s waiting for the fate-worse-than-death stuff to get under way, and he just keeps sending her back to the dry goods district and then packing her off home again unravished.

  2. So you’ve got a well-known woman passing herself off as a different well-known woman ; that can’t last very long.

    • It does seem like a material flaw in the scheme.

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