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Los Angeles Herald, January 2, 1908. I’ve got no particular brief against the felines, but gotta admit, I laughed. It’d be interesting to know when and why this joke became unthinkable in a daily. But ‘pon my oath, is the guy on the left not pretty much the Edwardian forebear of a Gahan Wilson character?


  1. I was thinking Maxfield Parrish–but you’re right about the Gahan Wilson, too.

    • Yeah, I can see the Parrish thing too.

  2. Now I kinda want somebody to get that guy as a tattoo. The natty bowler just makes the outfit.

  3. Upper arm, kinda thing? Nice.

  4. I’m freaking on the other guy.His head appears to have been cleaved down the middle , and the two halves are peeling away from each other.Am I too blown?

    • There’s arguably a fissure.

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