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The Perry Republican, February 7, 1918. Even now I am assimilating a couple of slices of mince pie, and dainty is not a word that comes to mind. Though this batch I made with dry sherry rather than brandy, and it does yield a somewhat less fierce comestible.


  1. In 1918, mince was still sufficiently au courant to be a column filler–although the “embattled mince” trope was already, what, 40 years old? By 1940, mincemeat was a Thanksgiving- and Christmas-only item, bought in a jar, except by a few Westerners with venison neck to use up. By 1960, it was as dead as Fletcherizing. What the hell happenened?

    • What the hell happenened?
      It is beyond perplexing! The Roanoke Colony, the Marie Celeste, Judge Crater–these are just knock-knock jokes compared to the mystery of mince.

  2. Maybe at some point the Ritz cracker box had a recipe for Phantom Mince Pie. (“Add one bottle root beer to 5 boxes crumbled Ritz crackers. Top with more Ritz crackers.”)

    • Kibo, I think that recipe is going to have to go in the book.

  3. I’m going to have it for breakfast. I’ll report back.

  4. Good theory , Kibo. You might want to do some resarch into those horrible Kraft recipes. I still get the heebie jeebies thinking about one of those TV ad recipes .The ingredients were something like Kraft peanut butter , Kraft minneeyatcher marshmallows and Niblets corn.The right recipe to the right audience could have done some real damage to the mince pie fan base.

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