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Daily Inter Ocean, July 15, 1879. What’s poignant about this story is that this paranormally gifted young woman was born 60 years too early to partake in superhero culture. Imagine how different–indeed, how much more interesting–Canadian history could have been had she been able to fulfill her potential as Galvanic Gal, Electro Babe, or the Conductress.
This has the makings of a decent origin story. Ordinary girl succumbs to anorexia, almost dies, but then psychically taps into some kinda parallel Amazonian universe that sustains her with body directly with electricity. We’d probably want her putting a decent amount of weight back on though, or the franchise would get in trouble as pro-ana propaganda.
In a Marvel context, you could work in a tragic, doomed romance with Iron Man, with whom for obvious reasons she could never consummate her heart’s desire.
Anyway, I’m guessing she must have cleaned up as a babysitter, what with that mesmeric ability to knock out the babies with a wave of her hand.

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  1. Oh I disagree. I believe she COULD get it on wih Iron Man , but that coupling would be hasty indeed , and not very cinematic.
    AND I must insist that Marcel Marceau could very well write a poem.

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