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The Compaq 6510b is has gone back home again to the Hewlett-Packard repair facility, so they’ll be no posts for the nonce. Meanwhile, here’s an account of how I attained my profound knowledge of things gastronomic. I’m appending some relevant images that the Chicago Reader couldn’t find room for on the Internet.

Cute li’l Baby lobsters are so tasty, they ought to be illegal. Oh wait, they are illegal.
This is what a bear trap looks like. I wish I’d taken a close-up of the bait.
Interior shot of one of our kitchens. I’m not the tall guy. This was a relatively posh set-up, inasmuch as it was the one time we were given a trailer rather than a tent to cook in. Much easier to keep the floors clean, don’t you know.
Exterior view of kitchen tent. No idea where this was taken, but it was definitely one our more scenic locations. And I think it might have been the one where the only radio signal we could get was the shortwave service of the Christian Science Church. Like their newspaper, it was much better than you’d expect.

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