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Washington Post, July 6, 1890. I gave my mini-lecture on Wild Women last night at the Talent Show. The show was a hoot from start to finish, my talk seemed to go over well, and I met some really fun and interesting people. Made me feel like I should work all of this Wild Woman material up into some kind of structured and publishable Thing eventually, as the intelligent laity does seem to find the topic interesting.
The illuminating angle to this entry in the Wild Woman sweepstakes is the admission that such a story could have been woven from whole cloth just to sell newspapers and otherwise contribute to the gaiety of nations.

But note that this description of the Wild Girl of Catahoula is relatively weak tea, and doesn’t have anywhere near as intense a lusus naturae vibe as our previous recorded sighting.


  1. I just have to ask: did Art attack?

    • Art was gonna attack, but then Entertainment got all up in his face saying like “Wanna piece of me? YOU WANNA A PIECE OF ME?! Yeah, I ditn’t think so!”

      There was an astounding dramatic rendering of an act from a film script left behind by that suicide cult, Heaven’s Gate. They were apparently sent to us by God to make Scientology look both clever and aesthetically appealing.

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