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Kansas City Star, April 29, 1908. Sacrificing children isn’t just for Satanists, don’t you know.
Hmm, not a lot of clues as the exact denomination here, but I’m guessing they weren’t high Anglicans.
God can’t get up off the couch and smite his own five-year-old girls? For that matter, couldn’t he provide his servant Bachman with a first name?
“The Smiths and Bachman” has an odd ring to it, considered from a rock angle. No good could have possibly come from such an unholy combination.
Again, frustrating vagueness as to the doctrines and origins of “this new religion.”

Oog. Dating Oom the Omnipotent doesn’t look like such a bad choice all of a sudden.
Atta boy, Bachman: keep punchin’! No looking back!


  1. the new york times coverage says that he was in a
    “prayer band,” but doesn’t go much further in clarifying vagueness. Although, it seems like it was feared Bachman was not going to get a fair trial because of the news coverage, so there is possibly a lot more coverage to find in more local archives.

  2. That is interesting, thanks!

    Now a poem:

    Lots of conventicles
    Grow sinister tentacles
    But Oom the Omnipotent
    Next to this was innocent.

    I think I’ve just written my first clerihew, but then I’m not sure about the rules of the form. Melynda, does this qualify?

  3. They’ve gotta be Mormons , right? Mormonism ; founded by a Smith. Randy Bachman ; famous Mormon or ex-Mormon or something.

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