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Washington Post, January 22, 1906. Again we see this reflexive assumption that the attacker is crazy, despite the fact that there are any number of precedents for his claim in Scripture. Why, God rarely goes two pages in the Old Testament without putting out a hit on somebody, or ordering up a big-budget genocide for that matter.

“He touched briefly on the poor outlook for ice”–I love it. Usually everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it–not even slay their pastor.

Where he will no doubt pick his feet, unless the restraints prevent him from so doing.


  1. From the “possibly related” department, Google News recommended this article to me today: Why Atheists Are More Intelligent than the Religious. I suppose one advantage in a situation like this is that if you don’t believe in God, you’re more likely to recognize that the voiced you’re hearing are in your own head because you’ve gone off the deep end.

  2. “Poor outlook for ice”!?I love it! Is this some variation of “snowballs in hell” or something? I know I would to be stricken with “the murderous frenzy”.

    • Could be one of them “nice day if it don’t rain” type of expressions.

  3. Holy Orders…made it so

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