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Daily Picayune, May 10, 1883. It’s an iron law of history.


  1. I do believe the Picayune is predicting homo-gentrification. In my old neighborhood in Columbus, all the big fancy houses belonged to tirelessly-restoring gay men who wore tight trousers and pointy shoes.

    • Blow some of that good stuff in my direction: My big mistake as a home-buyer was getting out in front of those gentleman gentrifiers who, like the Borders and the Starbucks I was counting on, never materialized to redeem this wilderness of bungalows and barbecues. You can’t rush these processes of succession, ya know?

  2. Just curious: how filthy rich would an 1883 millionaire be in today’s money? I imagine that must be some serious cash!

    • There’s all kindsa different ways of answering that ultimately unanswerable question, as this pretty interesting website attests:

      But here are some parameters. A personal fortune of million 1883 bucks would be $22,100,000.00 if you used the Consumer Price Index as your standard, and $1,160,000,000.00 if you used relative share of the U.S. GDP as your yardstick. The latter standard is I think the best fit to the spirit of your inquiry. Short answer would be “Filthy enough.”

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