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The Daily Picayune, April 3, 1883. I hold no brief for the dudes, but we may be looking at a double standard here.


  1. The dude’s feminine counterpart is “the Girl of the Period,” as described by Eliza Lynn Linton in 1868. “The girl of the period is a creature who dyes her hair and paints her face, as the first articles of her personal religion; whose sole idea of life is plenty of fun and luxury; and whose dress is the object of such thought and intellect as she possesses . . .it leads to slang, bold talk, and fastness; to the love of pleasure and indifference to duty; to the desire of money before either love or happiness; to uselessness at home, dissatisfaction with the monotony of ordinary life, and horror of all useful work; in a word, to the worst forms of luxury and selfishness, to the most fatal effects arising from want of high principle and absence of tender feeling.” There’s a bunch more, all about how girls nowadays dress like harlots and act like pigs. . .great stuff.

  2. She sounds pretty lowdown, all right.

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