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Columbus Daily Enquirer, May 4, 1883. Knee breeches, in open daylight, on public streets! Why did the Heavens not darken?
I like the fact that these dudes sat down and hammered out a written treaty so as to nerve themselves up to the wearing of small clothes.


  1. Now I have to get bass guitar lessons, so that I can found a band called “Progressive Western Dudes.”

    Love the technical use of small clothes here, too. Really hard to imagine that it didn’t catch on as a St. Louis fashion craze . . . but perhaps it’s not too late? The Sartorialist would surely approve?

  2. A seamstress like yourself is gonna want a piece of this action, yes?

    • Are we talking seamstress, as in a woman who sews for a living, or “seamstress”, as in a woman who claims to sew for a living, but actually does something entirely different?

        • mrparallel
        • Posted April 8, 2010 at 4:52 am
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        You’re do gonna do great on the final exam at the end of this blog, Jackie.

  3. I wonder if those documents are still around somewhere.

  4. In fact the marketing gimmick of these pants was that they came with a pre-written oath that began “Mark my words!” and went on to commit the signer -onner to their future wearage.

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