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Well, resumption of business-as-usual here at the Hope Chest was short-lived. My p.o.s. Hewlett-Packard laptop has thrown up a blue screen of death and died for the umpteenth time. It’s becoming sort of interesting (I tell myself) exactly how many replacement parts and prepaid trips to the service shop this lemon is capable of absorbing. Hewlett-Packard must have lost their profit margin on it a long, long time ago, and there remain 4 years on the warranty package yet to go. At a certain point. you’d think they’d want to cut their losses and just replace the whole thing (I mean in one fell swoop, as opposed to a little tiny piece at a time, which is how we’ve been doing it, Hewlett-Packard and I).


  1. Out of curiosity, what OS are you running? My HP laptop came with Windows Vista, and became increasingly unstable over time. When it got to the point where my options were to either reinstall Windows, or install another OS, I installed Debian Linux, and have been happily using it since.

  2. It was in fact Vista. Could it be that Vista’s destructive mojo is what has been knocking out all of these hardware bits so routinely and effortlessly?

  3. Are you sure it was actual hardware failure, and not just some failure of Windows’ ability to interface with the hardware? The hardware itself may be just fine, in which case replacing it won’t help. It may be time to back up your data and reinstall Windows. Alternatively, if you’re entitled to any Windows upgrades, it might be time to upgrade to Windows 7.

  4. Another thought: the hardware is covered by warranty, but the OS and software probably are not. So HP tech support’s options are likely limited to only replacing the things that are actually under warranty, even if that won’t fix the problem.

  5. I worship your writing and wish you had better machinery to support it. I have two windows machines that are unhappy with Vista, better with XP.
    Used mac G4s and G5s are–for me–the most stable machines ever. Unlike dozens or even hundreds of windows disasters, I have never lost data (I do words/music/video editing as well) on a Mac–even though I use fast G4s & early G5s that I purchased used.

  6. you’re a patient man. i’d smash the thing into pieces. my emotions would get the best of me and then i’d brood and do the mope. i break things when they piss me off. you might feel better, if only momentarily

  7. I’m jonesing for some nastiness from the past, Mr. P. Here’s hoping that the technology falls into line soonest!

    (I’ve been on a Sunday-school Novel bender, and have many new useless facts about daily life among the holy in the latter half of the 19th-century. So bring on the obscure references and weird behaviors . . . I have yet more data to share.)

  8. Thanks for all your moral and technical support, everyone. We hope to resume regular service soon, though perhaps only momentarily.

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