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Astute 1981 observation by Wild Man Fischer. My second favorite song in his oeuvre, after The Taster.


  1. I’ve never heard if this guy before, although he seems like the kind of musician I would have listened to if I had known he existed. I suspect I was a little too young (I was in preschool in 1981, so I wasn’t really into alternative music yet), and my mom was a little too “mature” (she was more of a Frank Zappa fan, although she also like the Talking Heads) to be aware of this guy.

    Incidentally, the synth opening reminded me of this fascinating series of documentaries. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in synth pop/techno/elctronica (some of my favorite genres).

  2. Momma O’Finland obviously wasn’t a Zappa completist, or you’d have had a copy of Fischer’s first LP “An Evening With Wild Man Fischer” around the house to enrich your childhood. Larry Fischer was a fixture of the LA streets in the 1960s in between periods of institutionalization; he was famous for never not singing, mostly strange songs of his own devise. Zappa set him up with a recording session and played all the backing tracks. Lotsa people thought it was the tackiest and most exploitative thing ever, but I like the resulting album more than 98% of Zappa’s stuff.

    Zappa cut Fischer loose after Fischer threw a jar at Zappa’s infant daughter. Which is the sort of thing that can happen when you adopt a bipolar paranoid schizophrenic as a mascot. The widow Zappa has refused to sanction a reissue of the LP, which is taking a narrow view of matters if you ask me.

    I’m totally up for that doc. I’ve been a Kraftwerk fan since I was 11.

  3. Lotsa people thought it was the tackiest and most exploitative thing ever

    My mom may have been in that category, although she had a lot of records that we kids never listened to. Interesting that there is a Zappa connection.

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