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Philadelphia Inquirer, November 26, 1895. I like the notion of a “surfeit of suicides.” It’s the opposite of a suicide shortage, I suppose. How do we know when we’re looking at a suicide sufficiency?
Anyway, as performer, this Wunner fellow strikes me as the art brut/outsider version of a more conceptually sophisticated chap we met last fall. I should have thought people would have seen what was coming next, given the prevalence of razor-based suicide at this time. Though maybe they did and approved: It doesn’t seem to have been a terribly refined audience. Nearly cutting your own head off is no mean feat. I tried to find some stats on suicide by razor, but all I found was this medical journal abstract: “Suicide by incising one’s own throat without hesitation marks remains a rare, and only few cases have been reported in the forensic literature.” Seems to be a word missing after “rare,” but what? “Treat?” I’m thinking office Curry may have been a tad bipolar.


  1. Overall, I don’t have much to say about these stories, except that misplaced modifiers strike again: “Wunner went to the house where he yesterday killed himself and has since boarded there with Mrs. Ackerman.”

    Mrs. Ackerman must be especially open-minded to accept a dead (or possibly undead) man as a boarder.

  2. “Mrs. Ackerman must be especially open-minded to accept a dead (or possibly undead) man as a boarder.”

    You’re not looking at the upside for Mrs. A: metabolically-challenged boarders were far less demanding, especially at mealtimes.

  3. Yes, but you never know when they might try to eat your brain, so that kind of outweighs the benefits.

    • Shame on you, Jackie, for perpetuating such damaging stereotypes about persons living with entropy.

  4. OK … jigs & reels,… head sliced off with razor,… somebody get to work on the next Riverdance production!

    • Won’t work: those Riverdancers have their wrists welded to their thighs.

        • Jackie
        • Posted February 22, 2010 at 4:30 pm
        • Permalink

        Except for the Lord of the Dance! He gets to make weird arm gestures. I’m seeing some kind of Lord of the Dance/Sweeney Todd crossover here.

  5. Ah, now I see: The show is over when the LOTD decapitates the last straight-armer and then cuts open his own carotid. Yeah, I’d pay to see that.

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