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Boston Daily Globe, December 17, 1889. It strikes me as beyond marvelous (and too cool for words) that skeletons should be intact or even recognizable after a full year plus change under the ocean. How does that work? Sure must have been cinematic to look upon, anyway.


  1. 1. Groan! at the title of today’s post.

    2. Would this be the same Montauk made famous by the discovery of the Montauk monster?

  2. 1: Granted, it’s a bit of a back number.

    2: The very same Montauk. Clearly it is an important and enduring locus of paranormal energy, yes?

  3. Clearly the above narrative COULD account for the divers’ grisly find.

  4. All is know is this: It was more sad than the seven skeletons that those workmen found in that yard.

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