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Took me a while to work out the tech angles (god, do I ever hate a “learning experience”), but here’s our own J of F singing the official Hope Chest version of “My Favorite Things.” Give it up for this talented Scandahoovian songbird, folks.

And here’s the lyric sheet so you can all sing along in your office cubicles:

Barrel-clad hobos and window-ledge pastries
Irish patrolman and drunks with the DTs
Blackguards and maidens and oncoming trains
These are a few of my favorite thangs

Phials of acid in ex-lovers’ faces
Naked wild women in desolate places
Negroes with blue gums who kill when they bite
This is a load of my favorite shite

Mince pies for breakfast, and luncheon, and dinner
Corpses injected to make their eyes glimmer
Canny med school students defiling the dead
This sort of thing tends to fuck with my head

When the dog brings
Dynamite back,
With each passing fad
I think about all the bad news from the past
And then I feel twice as bad

Cuckqueaned wives killing spinster cult leaders
Cats sold as rabbits to unwitting eaters
Show-offs igniting their cee-gars with bills
These are the signs of society’s ills

Major league baseball teams on the toboggan
Maryland wifebeaters bound for a floggin’
Drops of cocaine placed in firemen’s eyes
This sort of thing doesn’t sound very wise

Rich ladies plummeting from high rise windows
Confidence robbers and padlock bet bunko
Evansville girls with their mouths full of wax
Back in those days they were really on crack

When the dog brings
Dynamite back,
With each passing fad
I think about all the bad news from the past
And then I feel twice as bad


  1. oh yes.. this is the best. Jackie rocks.

    eat it, Julie Andrews.

    • Wendy: Thank you 🙂

      mrparallel: Glad you survived the learning experience to get this posted.

      Recording this was a learning experience too. I had some problems getting my computer to play the accompaniment while I recorded the vocals. I ended up playing the accompaniment on my mobile phone while I recorded the vocals, and then synced them up with the background track.

  2. Woah! Joe Meek has nothing on you.

  3. I am most thoroughly impressed. It shouldn’t be a surprise to me, seeing as my relationship with Jackie is what it is, but, wow.

    • You are Mr. of Finland?

        • Jackie
        • Posted February 15, 2010 at 1:22 pm
        • Permalink

        Not yet, but he’s working on it.

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