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Forgot to cross-post this one. Pretty astounding.


  1. here was a guy who managed to go out with both a bang and a whimper

    Not too surprising, then, since Irving and Lingg were both hollow men!

    Get it? Because . . . Eliot . . . the title of the poem, and, uh, . . . the eating of explosives . . . and . . . [boom] . . ..

    I am so ashamed.

  2. Go to the back of the blog.

  3. Help me out , here . Was this guy A) despondent because his bio consisted of “he was 40 years old and had a sandy moustache”,or B) did his moustache only become sandy after he sprayed it all over town?

    • I’m gonna guess that the sandiness was a pre-existing condition from Winthrop Beach. Probably got in his food and all. I too would despond.

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