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Salt Lake Telegram, June 14, 1902. Getting tied to the tracks was not generally a posh pastime, but on occasion it did happen to the quality too.


  1. Dorothy Sayers totally ripped off this story for *Have His Carcase.* Or else the Marquis was working a very elaborate con which somehow got turned around on him, which is why he was poisoned as well as tied to the tracks. Oh, wait. Not *Have His Carcase*: “The Italian Job.”

    What did the poisoner/railroad artiste get out the job, besides the thrill of tying a Marquis to the track?

    • I assumed that the perp was protecting his or his employer’s claim to the contested estate, but who knows?

  2. The Italian noble with a claim to a valuable estate in Spain sounds like the setup for a Nigerian scam. The fact that the alleged noble was the one who got cheated out of his cash and tied to the tracks puts an interesting twist on it.

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