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Chicago Tribune, September 15, 1897. Veteran Hope Chest readers will surely recall the notorious Bender Family of Kansas, whose frontier depredations set the contemporary bar for homicidal family enterprise. This here Staffleback crew strikes me as small potatoes in comparison–murder seems to have been less their “trade” than a sideline–but their operation was not without a certain Gothic panache. Abandoned mine shafts are always good value.
“Weakened” seems uncharitable. Say rather that she became cooperative.

“A questionable resort” as in a grimy little log cabin brothel.

A web search of the name Staffelback yields not much beyond this meager genealogical page of Staffelback Family facts, whence we learn that they were a smallish clan, members of which still resided in Kansas in 1920.


  1. Were the men angry about the possible loss of the questionable resort , or because they just heard the place existed , as per The Simpsons?

    • Or they were hoping to pick up some used drawers at a popular price.

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