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The statistical display of this blogging platform yields helpful data under the rubric “Search Engine Terms: These are terms people used to find your blog.” I like to consult these whenever I feel doubtful that I’m truly performing the Lord’s work here. The following are some of my favorites from the past 3 weeks. The list includes positive indicators for any randy spinsters out there.

strange pictures of women


whack a cat

harry dean stanton

headless people

pittsburgh occult

incest cartoons

giantess ass

corporal punishment of women

mince pies+giant stores

mince pies girls

funny lynching


spinster sex (x 5)

sexual needs of spinsters

how to do sex with a spinster

spinsters who want sex

‘liver’ and ‘art’

christmas vampire

vampires kill adultery

snake oil hypnotic

sharp trousers

stainless steel didos

d.a.r.e say no to the drugs

revolution for rabbits

2009 detroit hookers

“i can has your soul?”

“corporal punishment” knickers

killer with a god

blemmyes (x 2)

hully gee


“florence tabor critchlow”


  1. Spinster sex is huge around here in all it’s forms. Of course that’s why I come here. That and Harry Dean Stanton.

  2. One-stop shopping!

  3. Hey , Mr.P! Are you sure about the “stainless steel didos”? Do ya figger somebody out there cuts up didos and they’ve been flummoxed by a stainless steel unit?

    • Or maybe shopping for a dido that was cut-proof?

  4. “d.a.r.e say no to the drugs”

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