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Chicago Inter-Ocean, September 2, 1894. That bit from silent movies in which the bad guy ties his victim to the railway tracks before an oncoming train? That is totally Stuff People Actually Used To Do. Not just once or twice either. It seems to have been an enduring favorite in the Blackguard’s Playbook.

I have to say that as a reader I find it distracting, this archaic practice of making the sub-headlines


I’m not at all sorry that they


But I guess as vexations go in this fallen world, that isn’t so bad. . .

[. . .]

Whew. Okay, now some words from the attending physician.

Vultures. Of course, who am I to be critical?

A guy heard him screaming for help. Christ.


  1. I’m never watching Dudley Doright again.

    • Yeah, it’s high time they yanked that one off the air.

  2. What a lovely chain of misplaced modifiers: “a man who had been run over by the cars lying on the track one mile below Henryville”.

    • Makes it sound like sheer carelessness on his part, doesn’t it? I see the professional communicatrix in you showing through here, Jackie of F.

  3. I have to agree with you about those annoying sub-headlines.Nowadays with our increased enlightenment , we put the important words “in quotation marks.”

    • Yeah, punctuation is “riding the toboggan,” no doubt.

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