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Various papers, Teens and Twenties.

*(Anagram: “Top-rank of sobering hogs”).


  1. This is really too awesome for words.

    • Would you say that it’s “on an upward toboggan”?

  2. I’m going to have to work this into my vocabulary as much as possible.

    • Oh yes, and in all of its glorious forms. “On the toboggan,” “hits the toboggan,” “rides the toboggan,” “toboggans,” and “still on the smooth toboggan.”

  3. Might be optimal if you dropped the article, leaving simply “on toboggan”. By the way , uhhh , fellas , just what do we mean when we say “on the toboggan”? And make no mistake , we’ll be sayin’it.

    • It would seem to signify “going down fast.” With the exception of the “upward toboggan,” which means “going up fast.”

    • “Bananas Toboggan” might also be some kinda fancy dessert.

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