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  1. “He nearly ruined the Jolly Fat Men’s Club.” I want that on my tombstone.

    …Unless I _do_ ruin the Jolly Fat Men’s club, in which case I just want the words “Mission Accomplished!”

    I’ll get you, Jolly Fat Men’s Club! How dare you be so jovial when there are starving children in the world?

  2. Shades of Springheel Jack!

    • Bo-oi-iiiing!

  3. Y’all heard it right here . Kibo wants his epitaph to be “He Proved to be a Negro.”

    • The Jolly Fat Men’s Club deserves to be ruined for discriminating against me. We skinny black midget amputee Wiccan transsexual Communist cyborg werewolf Space Viking Muppet Babies never get a break.

      Wait, did I just say I’m a Muppet Baby? I deny that! I am a REGULAR BABY!!!

  4. Does anyone remember April Wine’s early 70’s hit “Proved to be a Negro”?Kinda went something like this: “Coulda been alright / Coulda been you tonight / Coulda been sweet as wine / Proved to be a Negro!” God bless Cancon!

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