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Indianapolis Sentinel, May 24, 1874. This is inexplicable even if you don’t take into account the constituent ingredients of shoemaker’s wax.


  1. I totally get a Maidens Gone Wild vibe from it, though. Must be some arcane reference to a sex act which has, like so much of the gracious past, gone where the woodbine twineth.

  2. Happily, my imagination shorts out and shuts down when tasked with figuring out what sort of arcane sex act would bring a 3-quart oral capacity into play.

  3. For some reason, Rod Stewart keeps obtruding himself into my consciousness in this regard.

    • Melynda, that’s eerie. I’ve been fascinated with that Rod Stewart story since I first heard it on the playground in the 3rd grade. In my Teens and 20s I became a collector, adopting the habit of asking new acquaintances whether they knew of any particular stories or rumors about Rod Stewart (impressive methodological finesse in one so young, no?). In my travels I learned the tale was subject to regional variation. Among the Quebecois, the fluid in question was said to be of canine origin, though nobody could ever tell me how this was discovered. (Maybe Rod had a contract rider specifying 30 male schnauzers in his dressing room?) In British Columbia I was always told that a gang of bikers were the donors. And in New Jersey I found out that the story was true except for one detail: it happened not to Rod Stewart but to Bon Jovi. But you know, I haven’t revisited the issue since hit the scene. I must do that soon.

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