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The cover story of the Chicago Reader this week is all mince and all mine. Check it out.


  1. Awesome! OK , how about this? The pie itself somehow contains within it the means of its’ own cultural extinction. Somehow in the preparation certain agents are produced which cause the consumer , his descendents , his very society to eventually toss aside mince as a menu option. Maybe the vaunted hallucinogenic effects are simply false memories planted in the minds of mince-eaters , slowly eroding popular support for the pie.Or , alternatively , things were going along swimmingly for mince , pretty much as we have read , until production mechanized and some mutation occurred which led to the above extinction. Anyway , it could be a helluva show!

    • So would that be more like Chew-Z or more like Can-D? Or maybe Ubik?

  2. Yeah.Hey , are those Philip K Dick books still good?

    • Oh yeah. The fact that the rest of the world knows about them hasn’t diminished their quality. It’s the movies that blow, A Scanner Darkly aside.

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