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Henceforth I will be diverting Chicago-related currents of my historical blogorrhea to the website of the Chicago Reader, where they will appear under the rubric Bad News From the Past. Some such content may feel  remedial to close followers of THC, but I’ll try to keep actual recycling to a minimum.


  1. There are like four RSS feeds on that page. Which one am I supposed to subscribe to if all I want (for now) is Bad News from the Past?

    • The question is beyond my technical abilities, but I shall make internal inquiries. I will also start cross posting my stuff there from here, if that will make things easier.

  2. No need for you to go the extra work. It’s just that I’ve become addicted to the Hope Chest, but my feed reader is already bursting at the seams, and as I’m not anywhere near Chicago, all that fine and engaging writing about Chicago events, politics, and restaurants will be wasted on me.

    On second look, I think that is the feed I want, but I’m not sure. The Chicago Reader’s The Blog seems to be architected as a single blog, but with the different bloggers tagged as different categories.

  3. Oops. Close anchor tag.

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