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New York Herald, June 1, 1891. Hoo-boy, high times at the headline composition desk.
Translation: “Yeah, we’ve jumped the shark on this ‘Jack the Whatever’ thing, but we’re under deadline here.” I’ll spare you the ensuing 500-words. Suffice to say that one Jack is a smash-and-grab artist and the other a voyeur.


  1. Kee-rist! Kinda reminds me of a stretch back in the ’90s when every 2nd headline was “Sex , Lies , and so forth” or “Blank , Lies and Videotape ” or “Sex , Something-or-other , and Videotape” Man , that was the blurst of times!

    • Yeah, or the recent craze for anything that played off of Desperate Housewives, eg “Desperate Fishwives,” “Desperate Alewives,” “Desperate Midwives” etc . . . Unless I just imagined all that.

  2. Typical: this article has puns in spades, and we just don’t have the hearts for them.

    • Not my strong suit, this kinda humor.

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