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Chicago Daily Inter Ocean, December 12, 1888. Question: Was the kid putting people on, or did he actually experience serpentine mind control. Because it’s possible that snake hypnosis was one of those culture bound syndromes, like Amok, Pibloktoq, Wendigo & Bulimia. (Which formidable law firm I am careful to keep on retainer at all times.)



  1. Shades of Elsie Venner . . .

    • Woah–I’ve never heard of this book before. Any good?

  2. Was this kid any relation to this guy?

    • Could be. Doesn’t say in the other case if they swept the vicinity for hypno-snakes or not.

  3. Elsie Venner is, not to mince words, awesome. Her mother was bitten by a rattlesnake before she was born, and she turned out half-snake, half-human, with mesmeric powers over weaker girls. Also, she always wears snakey clothes, and her handwriting is snakey, too. The word “sinuous” comes up a lot.

    It’s a novel of Science.

    • I had no idea that the Autocrat of the Breakfast Table dabbled in sci-fi/ horror. (Though I’m sure he’s better suited to it than Paul Theroux, Margaret Atwood, Doris Lessing and all the other incompetent literary slummers.) Thanks for the hot tip, Melynda.

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