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Kansas City Times, March 30, 1921.This Tridon was a Freudian and something of a grand fromage in spreading that gospel in New York. Seems he had some significant racial and dietary bees in his bonnet too.
I do love to see a Freudian shy away from “the wildest guesswork.” So reassuring.

Just imagine the havoc you could wreak if you made a mince pie with corned beef. You could hold entre cities hostage.
Anyway, seems like the psycho is ascendant over the analyst here. Tridon, by the way, had about a year to live before cashing in his chips from intestinal cancer. I wonder if his talk of “addiction” to mince concealed a secret passion for same. In fact, I’ve decided that it did. Let it be known that Andre Tridon was a hopeless minceaholic.

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  1. Was his problem with the crappy brisket type corned beef or with the exquisite canned dog – food format ? What would he have thought of Jimmy Dean’s chocolate chip pancakes wrapped around a sausage ….. on a a stick!

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