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The Daily Picayune, February 24, 1888. Oh man, I’d my eyeteeth for access to such an institution. Bet they served mince pie, too. Though I know a lot of Canadians (really–a lot) who would take grave offense at the idea that the noble game of crokinole originated among bean-eating Yankees.


  1. It’s understandable really. I mean, Canada is the gravest of communist/socialist states and you would want to be playing a known Commie game. A secret commie game that we’ll pretend has good origins is much better.

    BTW, Tavistock is practically next door to where I live. It wasn’t until there was a documentary playing in the local cinema that I learned of it’s origins. I always assume it had more ancient origins.

    • Not just a Commie game but an Anabaptist one, throbbing with the spirit of the Munster Uprising.

      But man, can those old Tavistock dudes play.

  2. If I were Bill Gates I’d open a chain of “Crokinole” franchises where folks could hang out , play crokes and perhaps vintage table-top hockey games , eat mince , drink coffee , and talk about what’s playing at the shoutenbilt.There would be no regard , of course, for the bottom line.

    • That’s a philanthropic plan except for the mince part, I’d say.

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