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princeBoston Journal, December 2, 1905. Whaddya expect from the city that gave us Unitarianism? prince2
Say what you like, that’s one kick-ass garden gnome.


  1. According to my friend GoogleBooks, Mr. Menz’s statue bore the inscription, “Homo non est creatio, sed evolutio; Deus non fecit homo, sed homo fecit deos.” A free thinker with a chisel is a dangerous thing, obviously.

    • Dude was clearly shopping trouble. He was also charging nickel admission to see said statue.

  2. According to the Associated Press, the statue lasted barely two months until it was hauled away by a police constable on December 26. (I found the story in the Los Angeles Times, Dec. 28, 1905.)

    • I must follow up on this, thanks.

  3. So , is that 14 feet in total ,or is it 14 feet for just the Satan? Cause ,like, that would be pretty major.

    • I’m thinking 14 feet in toto.

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