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Atlanta Constitution, January 22, 1890. In colonial New England, the birth of such a monster would typically inspire suspicions that some man had had carnal relations with the mother. The freakish progeny would be scrutinized for clues as to the identity of the malefactor. The penalty for bestiality was hanging, but first the condemned man would have to watch his animal consort killed before his eyes. And no, I’m not making this shit up.


  1. The Vikings had a very similar law–but it pertained specifically to men and horses. They were quite worried about the half-human half-horse hybrids. Which would have made a pretty solid episode of X-Files, really. Maybe Fringe will pick it up instead.

    • Jeez, I should have thought that Viking R&D would have been working toward and not against such a strain. Would have made for pretty effective shock troops.

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