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halfAtlanta Constitution, October 13, 1886. Turns out these rural wild-woman items were perennial and ubiquitous in the late 19th century, when monster-gals apparently lurked behind every other corncrib. I now have more of these stories than I ever could ever hope to use in this lifetime (and that’s even if we do all survive the Mayan apocalypse in 2012). I cannot use them all because they mostly describe the very same feral gal: naked, prodigiously athletic, indiscriminately carnivorous and terrifying to the local menfolk.


  1. This article seems to make it clear that this woman only appears at/after midnight. What kind of church does Mr. Hays attend if he’s coming home from church at midnight? Or did they have a different definition of midnight back in 1886?

    Also, this one kind of sounds like a cross between a vivid imagination and a cougar (and not the type that goes after younger men, although we can’t be sure of her age from the facts here).

    • Midnight is midnight, but we don’t know how long his commute home from church was. And churchy people used to spend a lot more time in church back when church wasn’t obliged to compete with other forms of showbiz.

  2. I’m not convinced that death at the hands , or hooves , of this critter would come by “crushing”.

  3. Something closer to “agitation” maybe?

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