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catsNew York Daily Tribune, July 27, 1859. Love that “did not discover themselves to her for some time.” Filthy perving Orangemen. Anyway, the habitat of the Wild Woman extended north to Canada, and cats were a part of her diet. I wonder how she felt about mince pie.


  1. “Love that ‘did not discover themselves to her for some time.’ Filthy perving Orangemen.”

    I was going to comment on that too. On the assumption that the naked woman by the stream is “one of the neighboring women who had come to bathe”, they just stayed there and stared at her, as if that is the normal thing to do in that situation.

    • Like I said: Filthy perving Orangemen.

  2. It would be interesting to know to what extent cognitive dissonance fuelled these lusus naturae “encounters”. What I’m sayin’ is if 6 or 10 guys head out to the countryside for a long day beating the bushes looking for some goat/chick or whatever , are they likely to come home, having seen nothing and face the derision of their fellow villagers?It’s quite likely they will want to convince themselves ,or at least the folks at home , that , “oh yeah ,there’s something out there all right!”

  3. I reckon most of these are sincere instances of moral panic, or hysteria, or the madness of crowds, or whatever you wanna call it. Dudes probably didn’t have much difficulty mutually spooking each other into thinking they saw/heard/almost saw some kinda inexplicable dingus. Or dinga, in this instance.

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