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Ebony & Ivory San Jose Mercury Evening News, November 30, 1887. Here’s the “tragic mulatto” principle taken to extremes by cruel Nature. Or then again, maybe circus life would have offered more to this kid than whatever hardscrabble misery awaited him in post-Redemption Florida. If only we had a name other than “it” for the child in question, I might be able to find out what happened to him. Ebony & Ivory2
Presumably a state senator representing his constituents and claiming his rightful piece of the action? Classy guy.

Of course, old-school Star Trek fans have seen this all before, in the classic episode “The Heavy-Handed Allegory of the Human Cookies.”


  1. Starring Frank Gorshin.

    • Quite right: starring Frank Gorshin, who hung around with actual Space Racists to prepare for the role.

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